Emily’s Tooth

Emily finally lost a tooth on her own!  Well…sort of.

She came home from school today and asked me to pull her tooth.  I told her I had never pulled a tooth before, and she'd have to wait until tomorrow since Ben isn't coming home tonight.

Well, Emily didn't want to wait.  While I was on the phone with Ben, she came down rather bloody and wailing, "My tooth came out, and now I can't find it!"

"How did it come out?" I asked.

"I tied it to the Yo-Yo and slammed my bedroom door!" she replied.

We found the tooth, still attached to the Yo-Yo string.

I suppose this was a better way for her to lose her tooth than to tie the string to the toaster and throw it down the stairs!  I can't believe that she thought of doing this herself (and followed through!).

Anyway, here are the pictures of our beautiful, toothless Emily:

And some photos of Emily with the Yo-Yo:

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