The Enchanted Princess Tea Party

Meg turned four this week.  Here are pictures from her very special brithday party at the Enchanted Princess Tea Room.  Strangely enough, there was one pirate who showed up!  Here are some party shots:

First, everyone chose their costumes:

Then, everyone had their makeup and nails done:

We ate chips and played with toys:

We introduced ourselves and got to know one another:

Then, we all got to walk down the red carpet:

Finally, everyone sat down and decorated picture frames for our polaroid photos.  Then we had a tea party.  Finally, we ate cupcakes, which everyone got to decorate:

Finally, everyone got to go into the "treasure chest" to pick a toy to take home.  I also made everyone a fun cupcake party favor:

It was a great party, and a wonderful memory for a four-year old princess:

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One comment on “The Enchanted Princess Tea Party

  1. That is truly amazing. I SO want some girls!!!

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