On asking God, “Why?”

“There are times when we see glimpses of God’s ways but not enough to allow us to make true conclusions about what he is doing and why.  Yet we cannot resist jumping to conclusions anyway.  Then, being insistent as well as inquisitive, we refuse to suspend judgment, and our wrong conclusions so misrepresent God that we end by doubting Him.  But if the Christian’s faith is to be itself and let God be God at such times, it must suspend judgment and say, “Father, I do not understand you, but I trust you.”

“Notice what this means.  Christians do not say, “I do not understand you at all, but I trust you anyway.”  Rather we say, “I do not understand you in this situation, but I understand why I trust you anyway.  Therefore I can trust that you understand even though I don’t.”

Os Guinness, Trusting God Who Knows Why

In Be Still My Soul, edited by Nancy Guthrie


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