Surgery Day

Somehow, we weren’t prepared for brain surgery to be so…painful.

Ben and I arrived at the hospital at 5:30am.  The doctors began by attaching a brace to Ben’s face and head to keep him still  (He kept saying he felt like Darth Vader).  After giving him an MRI they implanted the electrodes into his brain.  He stayed awake the entire time, communicating with the doctors so that he could tell them when it hurt.  Apparently, it hurt quite a bit.  The doctors found a vein or group of veins — this is medically inaccurate, but I don’t really understand exactly what happened.  I do know that it was painful for Ben when they drilled the hole — far more painful than it should have been.  Because of the pain, they drilled a hole a centimeter down.  And found the same thing.  They had to drill three extra holes before they could find a place to successfully insert the electrodes.  So instead of having to drill six holes in his head, they had to drill nine.

Turns out that all of that drilling caused some bleeding in his brain.  So the doctors are monitoring Ben closely to make sure that it doesn’t spread.  He’ll be having a few more CAT scans and spending the night in the surgical ICU.

I hate seeing my husband in pain.  I especially hate seeing him in such discomfort that he doesn’t even smile or crack bad jokes.  We are praying that Ben’s headaches will go away and that they will be able to move him into the epilepsy monitoring unit tomorrow.

We would love for Ben to have visitors this weekend, but I think it’s wise to call first.  If you decide to visit, you can park in the Outpatient Garage (601 N. Caroline Street) and walk to the main hospital.  Ben will be in the Meyer building on the 8th floor.

Please pray that the seizures would begin soon.  I always forget how difficult it is for Ben to spend days in the hospital tethered to the wall without having seizures.  We would really like for the doctors to learn something this visit.

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10 comments on “Surgery Day

  1. Jeni Savig says:

    thanks for the update. I cringed thinking of 9 holes being drilled. Still praying and believing God with you. Love, Jeni

  2. Pam Plaisted says:

    We’re so sorry to hear about what happened. We will continue to pray. Do you think that going through all of this will be enough to bring on seizures? In spite of finding all of the veins, would this also mean that he might need a higher dose of pain meds in any further procedures?

  3. Anna Eshbaugh says:

    We are praying. Wow! What a challenging time! It sounds awful, but pray that it will be useful.

  4. Grace Sale says:

    It is hard to watch our loved ones suffering and in pain. I cry when my children cry (while in hospital) too. We are all praying hard and thinking of you all at this time and that the bleeding will stop.

  5. Mary Chandler says:

    Praying for all of you, and for Ben. May the bleeding stop and the seizures begin quickly! (I never would have imagined that I pray for such!)

  6. michael and dara says:

    Dear sweet family
    You are dear to us and we are sobered yet honored to be in prayer for both…..this season is affecting many and Gods mercy and grace are abounding in all. None of us have really expierenced anything like this but God understands and intercedes for you and Ben. We are missing you and love being a part of the chounairds family 🙂
    Love you

  7. Heather says:

    I’ve been praying much for you all over the last day and will continue to do so. I’m so sorry that Ben is in such pain. May God bring peace and comfort to his heart and relieve the pain quickly. Thanks for the helps to know how to pray.

  8. Jeff Benson says:

    Praying for you!

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