Wisdom from Pixar

There’s this wonderful line in the movie “The Incredibles” that really hit a nerve lately.  It’s early in the movie, and the family is sitting around the dinner table while the children are fighting, as only superhero children can fight.  Mrs. Incredible is desperately trying to get her children under control while her husband sits at the table oblivious to it all.  In frustration, Mrs. Incredible finally shouts out:  “Bob!  It’s time to ENGAGE!”

This is how I feel about my own family life.  When things get difficult, my tendency has been to zone out.  To take a nap or read a book or knit…basically, to just let my children raise themselves.   Make their own breakfasts and lunches, bathe themselves, clean their own rooms (no, this has not been going well!).

It’s time for me to engage with the children, rather than just existing with them.

We have been so blessed to have friends who take our children time and time again.  And we have family that cares for us and has offered to take the kids (and has taken the kids) to exotic and remote locations…or at least different locations.  But I don’t want the focus of my parenting to be “finding someone to take the children” so I can deal with other things at home.

Nancy…it’s time to engage.

Disclaimer…if God puts it on your heart to offer to take our kids for an afternoon or a day, please don’t let this blog post deter you!  We still need help and are so thankful for all of the care that we receive.

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