Happy (Eighteenth!) Anniversary

Proverbs 22:1:
A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches

Thank you, my love, for the great name Chouinard.   True, we would both prefer a good name AND riches. But if I had to choose, I would choose you and your name each time.

Seven years ago, I wrote you a poem for our eleventh anniversary.  I am reprinting it here, with a few changes to the last stanza:

We Were Children When We Wed

We were children when we wed
My vision was so small
I never thought too far ahead
I feared we'd fail God, but He's led
Us farther than I dared to dream
And for His glory, all!
We were children when we wed
For years I never knew
The meaning of the vows we said
Or how to love you as my head
But God bestowed His wondrous grace
His Word is sure and true!
We were children when we wed
But then His Spirit blew
Transforming us into His Son
Turning our two hearts into one
And as each day progresses, still,
We find His mercies new.
We were children when we wed
And now, my childhood friend
Our love has grown so rich, so sweet
With passion, comfort, depth and heat
You truly make my life complete
God's blessings know no end!
And so my childhood friend, my love
Thanks for this taste of heaven.
The sweetness of our Father's care
The joy you bring, the love we share
Our difficulties draw us near
To Him who never fails.


I would not change a minute of our eighteen years together. I am so very thankful for the early years in our marriage and the many wonderful things we experienced together.  I am thankful for our childbearing years with their many trials and difficulties.   And I am thankful that we can walk through this new trial together.  We have lived many lifetimes over the past 18 years, and I am so blessed to have walked through it all with you.  He has given us a blessed past, and our future rests in His strong hands.

Happy Anniversary, love.


2 comments on “Happy (Eighteenth!) Anniversary

  1. Beth Lunt says:

    Ben and Nancy-
    Praise God for you!
    Praise Him for your marriage!
    Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives.
    Happy 18th Anniversary!

  2. Helen says:

    Beautiful poem and a beautiful couple!
    Happy Anniversary!

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