On Blogging

I have a love/hate relationship with this blog, which I began mainly to provide information about Ben’s surgery to friends and well-wishers .

I discovered that I have enjoyed the act of blogging.  I have found solace in writing words for people to read instead of just writing in a journal.  I’ve enjoyed the discipline of carefully crafting my words,  trying to find just the right tone for each entry:  should I be more emotional?  Provide more facts?  Be more humorous?  But I also miss writing just for myself .  And then, of course, I often wonder…am I too self-centered?  Does anyone really care what I think?  Do I write too much about the depressing parts of our life, and not enough about the joys?

But…this blog is like therapy.  It is healing for me.  And I continue to hear from people that they identified with something that I wrote, or that they were moved by something on this blog.  And that feedback encourages me to continue.

Thank you for your encouragement.  I do hope to start posting more pictures soon.  That, certainly, will help me to focus more on the joys we find in our daily life.


3 comments on “On Blogging

  1. Jack Kimmich says:

    Nancy, Keep on blogging, When I read of your insights, issues, and prayer requests it opens up a whole dimension to prayer for you and your family. It is easy to just pray for the general well being of your family when you hear of a prayer request from GBC Hollister, But when we read your blog, it is almost like sitting in the same room with your family and praying for the issues, big and little. Your transparency in your blog is encouraging to others who are going through a difficult circumstance, (“Oh, I’m not the only one who feels this way”) Others can identify with bits and pieces of your families plight. And we get to rejoice when God answers prayer!
    Keep that pen to the paper,
    Jack & Sara.

  2. Pam Plaisted says:

    Nancy, thanks for writing; it is well-crafted work. Although it’s hard to hear what you all are experiencing, it’s also very helpful.

  3. Harriet says:

    keep blogging sweetie 🙂 we ARE reading, we may not always comment, but we definitely are praying and when you share your heart, we know better how to pray – even though we know God knows better than us 🙂 we love you, both of you!

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