Nancy discovers Facebook while Ben’s in the hospital

OK, I’ve been using facebook sparingly, mostly as a lurker and not as someone who posts.  But this week I started using it as a quick way to update friends on some of what’s been going on here, and I am amazed at what a great tool it’s been!  I know there are a lot of quirky things people post on facebook.  But it’s also a great way to get information out to a lot of people quickly.

Here’s a quick update for friends who do not use Facebook:  on Thursday, paramedics took Ben to the Shady Grove ER.  He had so many seizures on Wednesday and Thursday that by Thursday afternoon he was passed out and unresponsive.  They took him to Shady Grove and decided to admit him.  They asked if I wanted him transported to Hopkins, and unfortunately, I said no…I couldn’t imagine having Ben in a hospital one hour away when the kids were performing in the annual Summer Musical Friday and Saturday.

By Friday morning it was clear that Ben’s condition was not improving.  I called his neurologist who strongly urged me to have him transferred to Hopkins.  So after making all of the necessary arrangements, we transported Ben to the Johns Hopkins NCCU (neuro critical care unit).  Of course, I was crying on the inside wishing that I had sent him to Hopkins the night before.  It’s so difficult for me to have to keep making these decisions on my own, and then to have to keep second guessing whether or not I’m doing the right thing.  Just another opportunity to trust God, I guess.  I did not go with Ben to Hopkins.  Instead, I went home, rested, and had the privilege of seeing my kids perform in the musical.  What a great job all of the kids did!  I was so proud of everyone and so thankful that I was able to see the performance, even though my heart ached that Ben couldn’t be there to see it.

Today I picked my dad up from BWI airport and we went to see Ben.  They moved him out of the ICU and into a regular room in the epilepsy unit.  He is doing much, much better right now, but I’m still not sure how long they will be keeping him in the hospital.  Once again, I chose not to stay with Ben.  I drove my dad back to see the 2:30 performance of 5 Loaves, 2 Fish.  He was so impressed to see the orchestra, actors, singers, dancers, and mini-musical performers…and even more proud to see his own grandkids taking on so many roles in the show!

Tonight I am spending time with the kids, their aunt (Ben’s sister) and their grandfather.  Tomorrow after church I will take the kids to Baltimore to visit their dad.  Then on Monday, the kids leave for 2 weeks to go to California to visit family.  It has been difficult for the kids not to get to spend much time with mom or dad the weekend before they leave for their trip.  But they are handling it well, and God has provided so much for us in the way of care.

Thank you to the many people who have helped our family this past week.  Thank you Dara Krolick, for spending the night at my house so I could spend Thursday night with Ben.  Thanks for coming back to my house and bringing Ben’s phone charger to the hospital.  You are such a great servant to me and my family!  Thank you to everyone who has watched my children and given them rides to and from church and musical practice and given our family meals.  We are truly blessed.

I’ve always known that it takes a village to raise a child.  I am so thankful for the “village” God has provided to help raise my children, so that I can be freed up to care for Ben.

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