California, Here They Come!

Ben’s family is taking our kids to California for two weeks. We’ve never been away from the kids for this long!

The kids will be visiting 4 aunts, 3 uncles, one grandma, and 5 cousins (4 who were born in the past 2 months!).  I guess now is as good as any for them to learn how to change diapers!  They will fly into LA and spend some time touring that city and enjoying a day in Disneyland.  Then they’ll drive north to Hollister, where they will spend a week with Grandma and enjoy Carmel, Monterey, the mountains, and other wonderful experiences.

We visited Ben in the hospital yesterday so that they could say goodbye.  He’s clearly doing much, much better as he always does in the hospital; we’ve joked that we should book our next vacation there since he so rarely has seizures while he’s in the hospital.  We expect to come home with some new treatment options.  The doctor doesn’t seem particularly encouraging that medication can do much, but we do know that we need to keep trying things until we’ve exhausted all of our options.

Today I plan to drive the kids to the airport in the early afternoon, and then rush up to Hopkins to see if there is any way I can speak with Ben’s doctors.  We anticipate that he’ll be released tomorrow, but don’t really know very much yet.  I cancelled Ben’s doctor appointment in New York this week as well; it seemed unnecessary after all the time we’ll be getting with the Hopkins doctors this week.

Bye, kids. We’ll miss you.  Fly safely.


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