Work Day at the Chouinard House

Ben and I were the recipients of some amazing, God-glorifying care today.  Our Care Group and friends came over for a “work day” to help us with some house projects that Ben and I have not been able to do.

I anticipated a few things being done.  I was not prepared for so many people showing up ready to work, hard, for several hours at a time.  More than fifteen people came and helped.  John thoroughly scrubbed and washed the deck while Beth and Anna repotted some plants.  Anne-Marie put her amazing organizational gifts to work, even going as far as driving home and coming back with some closet organizers for our children.  Marianne brought a van full of food for us.  Then she overheard me mention how I had planned to buy some used bookshelves for the kids rooms, but Ben and I were just a bit too tired this week…so she went home and brought back two beautiful, sturdy bookcases for the kids’ rooms.  Even as I write this, I think she’s on her way back with one more!  Three pre-teens helped fold clothes and organize books, and Susan completely reorganized Joel’s room.  So much more was done than I can even begin to write about.  Thank you, dear friends!

And the men!  We really put them to work.  They ripped out an entire row of juniper bushes that have been an eyesore in front of our house since we’ve lived here.  David, Matt, Kipp, Ben and Quena worked hard taming back the shrubs that have been growing ever larger each year and encroaching on our front walkway, then smoothing out the dirt from where the juniper bushes had been.  Ken removed the filthy curtains covering our garage door windows and even cleaned the windows for us, while Jeff drove everything to the dump at the end of the day.

Wow.  What can I say?  Thank you, Care Group.  Thank you, friends.  This wasn’t just a work day, this was a hard work day.  Thank you for giving up your Saturday to work so HARD for us.  Thank you for the many gifts you brought, for the organizing and the pizza and the fellowship.  Ben and I feel immensely cared for.  We feel blessed and a bit humbled to be the recipients of such hard work on our behalf.

I cannot wait for the kids to come home and see their new bookshelves and storage.   I had hoped to maybe organize one of their rooms…I never expected to completely clean all three rooms in one afternoon.  I know the kids will be extraordinarily blessed by this unexpected surprise.  Thank you, ladies, for staying so long to help bless my kids in this way.

Thank you, Lord, for such wonderful friends.  Thank you, friends, for showing us God’s love and care today.  I know each of you sacrificed something to serve us.  We are so very, very thankful for you.


3 comments on “Work Day at the Chouinard House

  1. helen lowe says:

    oh friend,
    what joy it brought me to read of your blessings today! i know how much those household items can weigh on you…yet with so many other things going on, they take a back burner time and time again. Praise God for His dear people…may you feel more at peace in your home because of this gift.
    love you and praying…

  2. Liza DeGarmo says:

    So glad for such a wonderful day, and what the children get to come home to.

    I can only guess at the sadness you feel all of the time.
    On a previous post, you mentioned wondering about the difference between grief and discontentment. I see “grief” as the emotional response to having a realistic view of all that has been lost due to a specific loss. I think “discontentment” is asking God why He doesn’t change those circumstances, reverse that loss out of a sense of entitlement.

    We are praying for you!
    Love, Liza

    • bennance says:

      Wow, thank you Liza. That was really helpful (and profound). What is the name of the book you referred to a while back on grief? I would love to read it.
      Thank you! I continue to pray for you and your family as well, and remember our times at Northwestern with such fondness!

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