From Streams in the Desert

Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman is one of my favorite devotional books.  I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a good daily devotional. has it posted online, but for some reason the entries there are not in the same order as the ones in my dog-eared, much highlighted hardcover, edited by L.B. Cowman.  Here is something from today’s reading (in my hardcover edition):

Streams in the Desert, September 7th:

“There are two ways of getting out of a trial.  One is simply to try to get rid of the trial, and then to be thankful when it is over.  The other is to recognize the trial as a challenge from God to claim a larger blessing than we have ever before experienced, and to accept it with delight as an opportunity of receiving a greater measure of God’s divine grace.”

My biggest desire right now is that Ben and I would draw closer to God.  We are entering a very new season of life…one where I will be working, out of the house, almost full-time.  And Ben is home, not working and not driving.  It’s a mystery why he is not having seizures.  This mystery leads us to ask all kinds of questions — why NOW?  Should Ben be pursuing some sort of work?  Or have the seizures stopped because Ben has been experiencing such a slower pace of life?   Would working throw him back into the endless cycle of seizures that he had experienced for so much of last year?   And what can Ben do while he is home to help him navigate the tightrope that seems to exist in his life between boredom and stress?

Our prayer is no longer to get rid of this trial, for we realize that simply “being seizure free” does not mean we can quickly and easily return to our previous life.  I sometimes feel like the seizures are walking alongside of us, ready to return at any time.  Ben and I need to continue to walk in faith and wisdom, trusting God, trusting the doctors, and trying to make wise lifestyle decisions for our family.  But most importantly, we need to accept our life “with delight as an opportunity of receiving a greater measure of God’s divine grace.”  Being seizure free does not automatically draw our hearts closer to God.

My desire is that we would use this time of stability, regardless of how long it lasts, to strengthen our faith.


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