On my background…

I was talking with someone recently, and she was asking me a little bit about the trials I’ve walked through over the past 10 years.  I mentioned that my Mom died 8 years ago after a long battle with cancer, then my dad was immediately diagnosed with cancer, then Ben got sick…

She wondered if anything in my background led or prepared me to become a caretaker.  She said a lot of people have been placed in the role of caretaker their whole lives, or have prepared for caretaking careers like nursing or teaching.

I laughed.  And then I laughed some more.  I think this is one of the reasons why this whole thing with Ben is so strange for me.

There is absolutely nothing in my childhood that has prepared me for the life that I am living now.  You see, like most little girls, I was raised raised to be a princess.  Specifically, I was raised to be a Jewish American Princess.  And JAPs are not trained or prepared to be caretakers.

Of course, nothing in my background prepared me to be a right-wing Christian, either.  But that’s another story…

Please continue to pray for Ben.  I feel like the seizures are walking very closely alongside us now.  They’re not active, but it’s like a volcano whose activity is ramping up.  There are many, many rumblings.  I am praying for these rumblings to stop and for his brain to calm down.


One comment on “On my background…

  1. Pam Plaisted says:

    What a great question this person asked!

    I can see the title now (if Jews for Jesus hasn’t already published one like it) . . . “What’s a Nice Jewish American Princess Doing in a Place Like This?”. (Sorry, the underline feature isn’t available for the book title.)

    Will continue to pray.

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