Freaky Friday

On Saturday night, our family was sitting around the TV eating pizza and preparing to relax with a movie night.  We couldn’t find any movie that we all wanted to watch, so we browsed through the TV and found that the movie “Freaky Friday” had just started.  The newer one with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

Now I know that Lindsay Lohan is not any kind of a role model for my children (or for me, or for anyone).  But I have to admit that this is just a really fun movie that everyone in our family enjoys.  We’ve probably all seen it at least 4 times…yet somehow, we always enjoy watching it again.

But this time when I watched it, I had a completely different response than I’ve had in the past.  I kept watching Mark Harmon, who plays the fiancee to Jamie Lee Curtis.  When JLC (the mom) switches bodies with LiLo (the teenager), you watch this older woman on the day before her wedding whose behavior changes completely.  Of course, her behavior changes because her daughter is inhabiting her body.  But Mark Harmon doesn’t know this.  There are many scenes in the movie where you watch Mark Harmon just staring in utter confusion at his fiancee, whose behavior is so radically different than what it has previously been.  He shrugs it all off to pre-wedding jitters.  Time and time again, I found myself watching the Mark Harmon character instead of the two main leads.

The thing is, I completely and totally understand how he feels.  I know what it’s like to watch someone close to you “become” someone else.  I know what it’s like to watch the person you love the most in the world act in a way that is totally and completely out of character with who he is.

That’s what Ben’s seizures do.  They impact his brain and cause enough changes in his behavior to leave me stunned and wondering, “who is IN there?”

The brain is an amazing, incredible organ.  I am frequently amazed at how Ben’s seizures impact pretty much every part of who he is.  When his brain is misfiring, his posture changes, his tone of voice changes (much like Jamie Lee Curtis’s posture and voice changed when she played her teenage persona in the movie), and his behavior changes.  His sleep patterns change.

So this is another post that likens our life to a movie…much like my post on “The Princess Bride” drew correlations between our life and that well-loved movie.

What movies does your life remind you of?  I’d love to hear!


One comment on “Freaky Friday

  1. Harriet says:

    what movie does our life remind me of? what a great question, but not easily answered for me … I’ll think on it and will be curious to see what others post on the subject 🙂
    meanwhile, you all continue to be in our prayers and thoughts often!
    much love!

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