Summer Musical Photos

My dad took a few pictures of my kids in the Music Academy’s Summer Musical:  5 Loaves, 2 Fish:  a tail of divine catering.    Here is why I wasn’t with Ben at the hospital on Friday night and Saturday the other week:

I loved seeing so many kids ages K – 8  working together.  I love the fact that many kids got to play in an orchestra together to accompany the show…what a great (and unique) opportunity for these children.   And best of all, I loved watching the kind, gentle ways of all the high school helpers who worked with these children.  These relationships were so special for my kids.  In fact, the older helpers did the girls’ hair and makeup, which Emily loved!  What great memories for all of my kids.  The videos should be ready this week, so Ben will get a chance to see the show soon.


Thank you, friends.

Someone recently asked Ben, “What is it like for you going through such prolonged suffering?”

He answered:

“For me, it’s been really difficult.”

“For my family, it’s awful.”

“For the body of Christ, it’s beautiful.”

For those of you who are not Christians, the “body of Christ” is a fancy way of saying “other Christians.”  And I can’t echo Ben’s words enough.  This trial is challenging us in ways we never could have imagined.  But we have seen our friends rally around us and support us, and in some inexplicable way, it seems as though our trial is serving to strengthen their faith.  And as our friends sacrifice and serve and care for us, our own faith is strengthened as well.

2 Corinthians 4:16:  So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.

Thank you, dear friends.  Your care for us and your prayers are helping to renew us daily.  You have helped us not to lose faith as you’ve demonstrated God’s love towards us in a very real way.

Finally, no blog is complete without photos.  So I am just going to put some random photos on here of our family this past year.

Emily and Joel

After running the CLS 5K on Saturday morning (OK, technically we only ran the 2K), Emily and Joel spent the afternoon in the Sovereign Grace recording studio, singing with the children’s choir for their new CD, Walking with the Wise.  One thing I can say is our life is never boring!

Emily’s 9th Birthday Party

Here are pics from Emily's 9th birthday party.  We planned to do a water party, but it was rather cool.  Also, they put heavy water restrictions on our county after a water main break.  The power went out for Meg's birthday, the water was out for Emmy's birthday…what can we expect for Joel's?

Here was the party, held in our yard:

Some cool pics taken from our deck:

Here are some pics of kids on our swings (thanks, Reinharts!):

Finally, here are pics of the games and the kids eating.  We made 20 hamburgers and 24 hotdogs, invited some neighbors over when the party ended, and had NO LEFTOVERS!!

Finally, here is the doll I made Emily for her birthday.  She asked for this doll, after looking at patterns with me online.

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