We Three

Welcome, cousins (nephews)!

Keegan Jonathan, Shaun Benjamin, and Joshua Roger:  we love you and are so glad you are all home and doing so well.


God bless you, Karen and Dave.  We wish we could be there to help you.

I spent the past 3 months praying for the boys as I knit their baby blankets:

sheep baby blankets

Here is a close up of the sheep:

red sheep

We love you boys!

Mom and 3 boys



I've been crocheting hats recently…a lot of hats.  Here are some of them.  I'm learning new techniques and really having fun.  Plus, Emily looks adorable in hats!  So not I'm showing off by posting my work online.

Here are some cute photos of the kids in their hats:

And here are some pictures of Emily in my favorite red hat:

Here are 2 more cute hats I made:

Does anyone need a hat?

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